About us

Founded in 2002 as Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Technologies du Commerce Électronique (www.latece.uqam.ca), on the heels of Laboratoire de Recherches sur l’Acquisition et la Représentation des Connaissances (LARC, 1987-2002) to include researchers working on software engineering, distributed systems, and management information systems, to address novel challenges raised by B2C and B2B information

  • Total membership : 8 professors from Département d’Informatique, UQAM.
  • Recognized in 2007 as Équipe Facultaire de Recherche.
  • Recognized in 2012 as Centre Institutionnel de Recherche en Émergence per UQAM’s « Politique numéro 10 », with ten « membres réguliers », all from Département d’Informatique, UQAM, and eight “members associés”, including one from Business Administration (ESG-UQAM), and three from outside UQAM (ÉTS, UQAC, UQO).

Renewed in 2015 and 2018.


  • Membership: 19 “membres réguliers” from computer science (14), business administration (3), health sciences (2), from UQAM (13), Concordia (2), ÉTS (2), UQAC (1), and Teluq (1), and 11 “membres associés”, from computer science (7), business administration (2), political science (1), communications (1), including two Tier 1 Canada Research Chairs (Guéhéneuc, Computer Science, Concordia; Lavoie, Psychologie, UQAM), et two Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs (Bonenfant, Communications, UQAM; Gambs, Informatique, UQAM).
  • Over 3.5 M $ in operating research funds per year (“membres réguliers”).
  • Over 150 publications per year (“membres réguliers”).
  • Over 120 active HQPs (postdocs, PhD, MSc, BSc students) at any given point in time.