About us

The LATECE (Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Technologies du Commerce Électronique) research lab explores the technological (mostly), business, social, and ethical issues of internet applications. LATECE was founded in 2002 by six professors from the département d’informatique of UQAM, specializing in software engineering, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and telecommunications. Today, LATECE boats 15 regular researchers and 10 associate researchers from 9 research institutions and 4 countries (Canada, Netherlands, USA, Sweden). Since 2010, our regular members have published over 400 papers, supervised more than 250 students and post-doctoral researchers, and earned more than 6,000,000 in research funds.

The LATECE maintains a network of collaborations with a number of labs both within UQAM, and outside of UQAM– and Canada!

  • LARIM (UQO):  Laboratoire de Recherche sur l’Information Multimédia (LARIM) conducting research on multimedia data mining
  • PolyMORSE (Polytechnique Montréal): Polytechnique Montréal Researchers in Software Engineering
  • LASI (ETS) The Laboratoire en Architecture de Systèmes Informatiques, conducting research in information system and software architecture
  • SLTS (ESG-UQAM):  Smart Logistics and Transportation Systems.
  • GRISQ (UQAM): Groupe de Recherche sur l’Information et la Surveillance au Quotidien, conducting research on sociological and ethical issues involved in data mining (“big data”) and surveillance
  • GDAC (UQAM):  Laboratoire de Recherche en Gestion, Diffusion et Acquisition de Connaissances, conducting research in knowledge representation, acquisition, and management, with applications in e-learning
  • SPIRALS (INRIA-Lille): Le LATECE holds a formal–and funded– status as an INRIA Associate team with the SPIRALS (Self-Adaptation for Distributed Services and Large Software Systems) team at INRIA-Lille.