Our values

Because knowledge does not decrease through sharing, and consistent with UQAM’s foundational values, we preach and practice:

  • Open science: unless otherwise required by research partners, we promote:
    • Open source: the software that we develop is made available;
    • Open access: making research results accessible to those who need them—as opposed to those who can afford them;
    • Open innovation: getting all stakeholders involved in the development of solutions.
  • Transdisciplinarity, or when 1+1 > 2. Multidisciplinarity refers to the process of tackling the multiple facets of a research problem, and is additive. Transdisciplinarity refers to the case where one discipline influences another, leading to the creation of new knowledge.
  • Value-aware: we are cognizant of the fact that research is not value-neutral. For example, research on automation can potentially reduce the (market) value of manual labor. This does not mean that we refrain from exploring such research; it just means that we explore—and document—within the context of transdisciplinary teams, the economic, social, and ethical implications of our work, and strive to mitigate the negative implications of such work.