Redouane Blal : From Inter-organizational Business Process Models to Service-oriented Architecture Models

mercredi 05 décembre 2018 - Séminaires

Bonjour à tous,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au quatrième séminaire du LATECE de l’année universitaire 2018/2019.

Qui ? Redouane Blal, un étudiant finissant en MsC sous la supervision de Abderrahmane Leshob

Quand? Mercredi 5 décembre 2018 , 12h30

Où? PK 5115

Titre : From Inter-organizational Business Process Models to Service-oriented Architecture Models

Résumé :

Today’s business processes become increasingly complex and often cross the boundaries of the organizations. On the one hand, to support their business processes, modern organizations use enterprise information systems that need to be aware of the organizations’ processes and contexts. Such systems are called Process-Aware Information System (PAIS). On the other hand, the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is a fast emerging architectural style that has been widely adopted by modern organizations to design and implement PAIS that support their business processes. This work aims to bridge the gap between inter-organizational business processes and SOA-based PAISs that support them. It proposes a novel model-driven design method that generates SOA models expressed in SoaML taking the specification of collaborative business processes expressed in BPMN as input. We present the principles underlying the approach, the state of an ongoing implementation, and the results of two studies conducted to empirically validate the method in the context of ERP key processes.

La présentation sera en français.