Séminaire LATECE : Collaboration in the Digital Space: co-creating software, datasets, etc.

mercredi 18 septembre 2019 - Séminaires

Bonjour à tous,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au premier séminaire LATECE de la session d’automne 2019.

Qui? Carlos Denner, professeur à l’université de Brasilia

Où? PK-5115

Quand? mercredi 18 septembre 2019 à 12h30

Title : Collaboration in the Digital Space: co-creating software, datasets, etc.

Abstract :

The internet has become the medium for massive collective creations, some technical such as GNU/Linux and R, others more popular such as Wikipedia. These projects have thousands of contributors whose work are organized and coordinated carefully to make sure ‘value’ is delivered by the final product. Although these flagship projects can show us the true power of computer supported collaborative work, we should not underestimate the vast majority of ‘open projects’ that fail to attract new contributors, sponsors and other stakeholders to manage them towards project value creation. In this talk, I will present a strategic-view of open digital assets based on my and collaborators’ research over the past 15 years mainly in open source software, and will discuss future directions and opportunities to create academic links between UQAM and UnB.

Bio: Carlos Denner is an associate professor of the University of Brasilia currently working on open data and serious video games at LATECE-UQAM as visiting professor.