Sébastien Gambs

Sujets d'intérêts

  • Protection of Privacy, with a particular strong focus on location privacy
  • Privacy research in : differential privacy, privacy issues in social networks, privacy in distributed systems, privacy-preserving data mining and privacy-preserving identity management.
  • Addressing the tension between privacy and the analysis of Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (in particular Unsupervised Learning) and Quantum Information Processing
"Privacy and Ethical Challenges in Big Data" FPS17-262018
Sébastien Gambs Julien Lolive et Jean-Marc Robert
"Entwining Sanitization and Personalization on Databases"AsiaCCS 207-2192018
Mohammad AlagganMathieu Cunche et Sébastien Gambs
"Privacy-preserving Wi-Fi Analytics"4-262018
Ehab ElSalamouny et Sébastien Gambs
"Optimal noise functions for location privacy on continuous regions"613-6302018
Ulrich Matchi AïvodjiSébastien Gambs et Alexandre Martin
"IOTFLA : A Secured and Privacy-Preserving Smart Home Architecture Implementing Federated Learning"IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops175-1802019
Ulrich AïvodjiHiromi AraiOlivier FortineauSébastien GambsSatoshi Hara et Alain Tapp
"Fairwashing: the risk of rationalization"ICML161-1702019
Étudiant(e)s Statut Sujets
Martin, Alexandre Maîtrise

Privacy and security analysis of IoT architectures

Désaulniers, Simon Maîtrise

Privacy and security in decentralized messaging systems

Laurent, Antoine Maîtrise

Sanitization methods and inference attacks on mobility data

Claude Ngueveu, Rosin Doctorat

Transparency, fairness and accountability of personalization algorithms

Pineau, Henri Maîtrise

Protection of Privacy in the Internet of Things

Desharnais, Sylvain Maîtrise

Forensics and privacy in the Internet of Things