Wessam Ajib

Sujets d'intérêts

  • The new wireless communication technologies and theirs applications in wireless networks like MIMO systems and cooperative communication
  • The development of algorithms for multiple access, traffic scheduling and error control mechanisms in order to provide the required quality of service
  • Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering
  • ARQ mechanisms, Cellular networks, Cooperative communication, Interference Mitigation Techniques, MIMO systems, Multiple Access, Optimization of Resource Allocation, QoS providing, Scheduling, Wireless communications
  • Telecommunication networks, Telecommunication Systems, Transmission and Processing of Numerical Signals, Network Analysis (Information), Teleinformatics
  • Communication and Information Technologies
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry Jr
"Energy-Based RFI Detection: Theory and Results"WiMob161-1682018
Achraf MoussaidWael JaafarWessam Ajib et Halima Elbiaze
"Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Data Transmission for D2D Communications"WiMob1-72018
"Joint Caching and Resource Allocation in D2D-Assisted Heterogeneous Networks"WiMob1-82018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry
"A Simple F-Test Based Spectrum Sensing Technique for MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks"WiMob1-82018
Amina Hentati Jean-François Frigon et Wessam Ajib
"On the Resource Allocation in HetNets with Massive MIMO Wireless Backhaul" VTC-Fall1-52018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry
"A Simple $F$-Test Based Multi-Antenna Spectrum Sensing Technique"VTC-Fall 1-52018
"Machine Learning as a Powerful Tool to Enjoy Future Intelligent Wireless Networks"MSWiM52018
Cirine ChaiebZoubeir Mlika Fatma Abdelkefi et Wessam Ajib
"Mobility-Aware User Association in HetNets with Millimeter Wave Base Stations"IWCMC153-1572018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam AjibOmar A. Yeste Ojeda et René Landry Jr
"Tensor-Based Efficient Multi-Interferer RFI Excision: Results Using Real-World Data" ICNC917-9212018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry Jr
"Matrix-Based Joint Interference and Channel Order Enumerators for SIMO Systems Suffering From RFI"ICNC305-3092018
Tri Minh NguyenWessam Ajib et Chadi Assi
"A Novel Cooperative NOMA in Wireless Backhaul Heterogeneous Networks"GLOBECOM1-62018
"User Scheduling with Deadlines and Energy Harvesting Base Station" GLOBECOM1-62018
Sachitha KusaladharmaWei-Ping Zhu et Wessam Ajib
"Downlink NOMA for Stochastic Cellular Networks under Millimeter Wave Channels." GLOBECOM 1-62018
Sachitha KusaladharmaGayan AmarasuriyaWei-Ping Zhu et Wessam Ajib
"Rate Analysis for NOMA in Massive MIMO Based Stochastic Cellular Networks with Pilot Contamination"GLOBECOM1-62018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry
"Power-Based Continuous Wave RFI Detector for RF Operating Systems"GlobalSIP1099-11032018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry Jr
"Power-Based Broadband RF Interference Detector for Wireless Communication Systems."IEEE Wireless Commun. Letters 7(6)1002-10052018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry Jr
"Performance Analysis of Energy-Based RFI Detector"IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 17(10)6601-66162018
Tri Minh NguyenWessam Ajib et Chadi Assi
"A Novel Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) in Wireless Backhaul Two-Tier HetNets"IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 17(7)4873-4887
"Energy-Efficient Base Station Operation and Association in HetNets: Complexity and Algorithms"IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 17(4)2690-27022018
Dariush EbrahimiHalima Elbiaze et Wessam Ajib
"Device-to-Device Data Transfer Through Multihop Relay Links Underlaying Cellular Networks"IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology 67(10)9669-96802018
Wassim S. AtouiWessam Ajib et Mounir Boukadoum
"Offline and Online Scheduling Algorithms for Energy Harvesting RSUs in VANETs"IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology 67(7)6370-63822018
Tilahun Melkamu GetuWessam Ajib et René Landry
"Simple F-Test-Based Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Multi-Antenna Cognitive Radios"IEEE Trans. Communications 66(11)5081-50962018
Tri Minh NguyenWessam Ajib et Chadi Assi
"Designing Wireless Backhaul Heterogeneous Networks With Small Cell Buffering"IEEE Trans. Communications 66(10)4596-46102018
Amina HentatiElmahdi Driouch Jean-François Frigon et Wessam Ajib
"Fair and Low Complexity Node Selection in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks"IEEE Systems Journal 12(4)3796-38062018
"User Association Under SINR Constraints in HetNets: Upper Bound and NP-Hardness"IEEE Communications Letters 22(8)1672-16752018
Mohammad A. SalahuddinJagruti SahooRoch H. GlithoHalima Elbiaze et Wessam Ajib
"A Survey on Content Placement Algorithms for Cloud-Based Content Delivery Networks"IEEE Access 691-1142018
Wei-Ping ZhuWessam Ajib Gayan Amarasuriya et Sachitha Kusaladharma
"Achievable Rate Analysis of NOMA in Cell-Free Massive MIMO: A Stochastic Geometry Approach."ICC 20191-62019
Wei-Ping ZhuSachitha Kusaladharma et Wessam Ajib
"Stochastic Geometry-Based Modeling and Analysis of Massive MIMO-Enabled Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks" IEEE Trans. Communications 67(1)288-3012019
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Chaieb, Cyrine Doctorat
Elalaoui Ismaili, Zakaria Doctorat
Françoise, Rebecca Maîtrise
Ghanney, Yosr Maîtrise
Goonewardena, Mathew Doctorat
Hamdi, Rami Doctorat
Hendati, Amina Maîtrise
M. Getu, Tilahun Doctorat
Mlika, Zoubeir Doctorat
Nguyen, Tri Doctorat
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Benmimoune, Mounce Post Doctorat
Chraiti, Mohaned Maîtrise
Driouch, Elmahdi Doctorat
ElGaroui, Lamia Maîtrise
Hentati, Amina Doctorat
Nablli, Mohamed Stagiaire
Yadav, Animesh Post Doctorat
Chekir, Sonia Stagiaire
Elferkouss, Omar Maîtrise
Jalloul, Taher Maîtrise
Perez Cardenas, Carlos Maîtrise