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Subjects of interests

  • Réseaux Télécom
  • Évaluation des Performances
  • Ingénierie de trafic
  • Réseaux optiques
Mahmoud Mohamed BahnasyHalima Elbiaze and Catherine Truchan
"CPRI over Ethernet: Towards fronthaul/backhaul multiplexing"CCNC1-72018
Maroi AlouiHalima ElbiazeRoch H. Glitho and Sami Yangui
"Analytics as a service architecture for cloud-based CDN: Case of video popularity prediction"CCNC 1-42018
Ubaid Abbasi and Halima Elbiaze
"Multimedia streaming using D2D in 5G ultra dense networks" CCNC1-62018
Shahin VakiliniaCatherine Truchan James Kempf and Halima Elbiaze
"Automated Enforcement of SLA for Cloud Services"IEEE CLOUD49-562018
Mouhamad DieyeShohreh AhvarJagruti SahooEhsan AhvarRoch H. GlithoHalima Elbiaze and Noël Crespi
"CPVNF: Cost-Efficient Proactive VNF Placement and Chaining for Value-Added Services in Content Delivery Networks"IEEE Trans. Network and Service Management 15(2)774-7862018
Sara Arabi Essaid SabirHalima Elbiaze and Mohamed Sadik
"Data Gathering and Energy Transfer Dilemma in UAV-Assisted Flying Access Network for IoT"Sensors 18(5)15192019
Mahmoud Mohamed BahnasyHalima Elbiaze and Bochra Boughzala
"Zero-queue ethernet congestion control protocol based on available bandwidth estimation"J. Network and Computer Applications 1051-202018
Seyedreza TaghizadehHossein Bobarshad and Halima Elbiaze
"CLRPL: Context-Aware and Load Balancing RPL for Iot Networks Under Heavy and Highly Dynamic Load" IEEE Access 623277-232912018
Abbas Soltanian Fatna Belqasmi Sami YanguiMohammad A. SalahuddinRoch H. Glitho and Halima Elbiaze
"A Cloud-Based Architecture for Multimedia Conferencing Service Provisioning"IEEE Access 69792-98062018
Laila AbouzaidEssaid SabirAhmed Errami and Halima Elbiaze
"A Queuing Theoretic Framework for Flying Mesh Network Assisted IoT Environments"WF-IoT882-8872019
Bassirou KasseBamba GueyeMoussa DialloFiorenantsoa Santatra and Halima Elbiaze
"IoT based Schistosomiasis Monitoring for More Efficient Disease Prediction and Control Model"SAS1-62019
Ubaid AbbasiEl Houssine BourhimMouhamad Dieye and Halima Elbiaze
"A Performance Comparison of Container Networking Alternatives" IEEE Network 33(4)178-1852019
Abbas SoltanianDiala NaboulsiRoch H. Glitho and Halima Elbiaze
"Resource Allocation Mechanism for Media Handling Services in Cloud Multimedia Conferencing" IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 37(5)1167-11812019
Ghada TliliHaythem Yahyaoui Mohamed Faten Zhani and Halima Elbiaze
"DAReSch: deadline-aware request scheduling for cloud storage services"Annales des Télécommunications 74(9-10)545-5572019
Achraf MoussaidWael JaafarWessam Ajib and Halima Elbiaze
"Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Data Transmission for D2D Communications"WiMob1-72018
Wael JaafarWessam Ajib and Halima Elbiaze
"Joint Caching and Resource Allocation in D2D-Assisted Heterogeneous Networks"WiMob1-82018
Dariush EbrahimiHalima Elbiaze and Wessam Ajib
"Device-to-Device Data Transfer Through Multihop Relay Links Underlaying Cellular Networks"IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology 67(10)9669-96802018
Mohammad A. SalahuddinJagruti SahooRoch H. GlithoHalima Elbiaze and Wessam Ajib
"A Survey on Content Placement Algorithms for Cloud-Based Content Delivery Networks"IEEE Access 691-1142018